Open Kinetics

Open Kinetics are low cost kits that inspire learners of all ages to explore interactive technology through movement-based play. The aim of Open Kinetics kits is to create an affordable, accessible, and engaging platform that teachers can easily bring into their classrooms to foster technological agency in their students. Here’s my full thesis presentation!

Final: Scratching the Surface

I recently taught an hour long workshop on Scratch, a visual programming language built for fostering technical literacy in children. It’s a wonderful tool for teaching computational thinking and programming, one that I thought other ITP students would enjoy learning about, especially in the context of teaching. The full syllabus for the workshop can be … Continue reading Final: Scratching the Surface

Founder, The Game

I started this project interested in exploring B Corporations and Benefit Corporations, two similar for-profit business structures geared toward social good rather than simply profit maximization. Specifically, I wanted to investigate how sustainable these social business structures are in a capitalist system built around profit maximization and stockholder returns. First, a bit about B Corporations and … Continue reading Founder, The Game


You can find the Github repository for this project here. This week I wrote a Python script that was designed to take the transcript from Donald Trump’s first press conference as president, isolate any lines that contain the word “fake”, and print those lines. SOURCE TEXT I am using a New York Times transcript of … Continue reading Fake TRUMPS

It Sat

This week we learned how to use Python to transform text. It took me a while to settle on a source text for this project, but I eventually settled on a Jack Underwood poem I found on the Poetry Foundation. Here is the full piece: I was mostly drawn to this poem because of the … Continue reading It Sat